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The Apostrophes

WINNERS: Unsigned Music Awards 2006

About the two blokes who make up 'The Apostrophes' and a short list of friends who helped stave off our mid-life crises!

Gig dates: where we're at, and when we're going to do it. So no excuses...

No site would be complete without some gruesome shots of the duo in action...

Some examples of our Set Lists, including many original compositions.

A few MP3 examples that you can freely download [— 8 tracks now available].

Phone, fax, email, telegraph, tin cans with string... we've got them all.
Also an explanation of the name and some amusing advertising examples!

in brief...

  • 2 Blokes - 4 Guitars
  • 12/6/4 Strings
  • Many Voices
  • Even More Songs!


Dave Hale Mark Ormiston

As heard on BBC WM, 1st Nov!

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